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Dublin Cemetery
(Portage Township)
Ohio USA

Established: 1832

Location:North of Furnace Street and west of North High Street on a bluff overlooking the Little Cuyahoga River

Status: Lost

History:Samuel Lane: To meet the Mortuary necessities of the community of Iriish canal laborers who lived in the area north of Tallmadge Street ( a teo block street runnung between Howard and High Streets north of Market Street), "the plateau north of Furnace Street, and west of North High, on a bluff overlooking the Little Cuyahoga River, was appropriated for burial purposes". This was used by the people of North Akron from 1832 until the establishment of Akron Rural Cemetery (Glendale) in 1838. At that time, a small portion of the remains buried here may have been removed to the new cemetery. In 1873, the old burial grounds were unearthed when the bluff was graded for the Valley Railway. It was thought that 50-100 laborers had been buried in Dublin Cemetery.