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Boston Cemetery aka Boston Mills Cemetery
(Boston Township)
5999 Main Street - at the end of the road
Peninsula, Ohio 44264 USA
Alternate Names:  Boston Mills Cemetery
Established:  Earliest known burial was in 1814
Current Status:  Unkown
Contact:  Union Cemetery Association - 330-657-2439
History:  The cemetery is believed to be located on the site of a Native American burial ground.  The land was donated to the township by George Stanford.  His family arrived in the area in 1806 and had used the land as a family burial site.
Families buried here:  Many of the township's first residents are buried here including the families of Stanford, Mills, Jaite and Fayerweather.  Also buried in the cemetery is Jim Brown, a famous counterfeiter in his day.  The township's first doctor, Ebenezer Mather is also bured here.
The Summit County Chapter, OGS, welcomes new information about our county’s cemeteries.  If you have any information on this cemetery or any other cemetery in the county, please contact the Chapter Cemetery Chairperson.