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Chamberlain Cemetery aka Old Everett Cemetery
(Boston Township)
Ohio USA
History: Approximately 1 acre, established 1847 or earlier.
Location: On the Swan farm at Wheatley and Oak Hill Roads, about one mile from Everett, near the old Everett covered bridge.
Status: Can no longer be found, no known records
Readings: Published in Lest We Forget, 2007
Copied by: Esther Weygandt Powell ca 1960s and Miss Gladys E Chamberlain ca 1939

Mrs Powell's inscriptions are under the heading of Chamberlin Cemetery, and Miss Chamberlain's inscriptions are under the heading of Everett Cemetery, and were done at different times. The reader is advised to carefully check all of the information. as some names and dates do not match.

Birth and death dates from the gravestones pre-date Summit County's birth and death records
which began in1869. Please use this information as a guide. Other sources such as, Wills &
Estates, Deeds, or newspaper articles, should be checked to help verify birth or death dates.

CHAMBERLAIN CEMETERY - 1 acre in Boston Twp at Wheatley and Oak Hill Roads, on V. S. Lowe place near covered bridge, now destroyed for a flowerbed. Stones thrown over the bank behind the garden and some used in walks next door at R. H. Miller home.


CHAMBERLIN, Emma wife of Jas Chamberlin born at Alexander, NY, 23 Oct 1851, died 6 Jul 1882

CHAMBERLIN, infant son

SHAFFER, Charlotte R 1828-1893?

DERTHICK, Elmira, wife of Alanson? SWAN, d _____ age 68 yrs 7 mos 30 das

WALTERS, John Civil War [from WPA Chart]

EVERETT CEMETERY - on farm at foot of Oak Hill, probably ½ mile west of the village
[Everett Village]. Has not been used for years and is a hopeless tangle of briars. The owner of the farm, looking at this list said "you haven't found a quarter of them".

SWAN, Alanson buried here but no one seems able to supply info

LAPPIN, John F d 19 Dec 1869 aged 14 yrs

VAN ORMAN, Orin father d 20 Jun 1871 aged 64 yrs

DAVIDSON, William F. d 27 Mar or 29 Mar 1853 aged 35 yrs.
Widow remarried twice and several of family buried in Peninsula cemetery. There is a disagreement as to whether his wife, Lovey ROBINSON was buried beside him or in Peninsula. No stone in either.

YODER, Hannah, dau of J. & P. d 27 Jan 1853 aged 18 mos

DAVIDSON, ? , of Ellen & L. DAVISDON d 9 Nov 1860 aged 7yrs 9 mos 22 das

BROWN, John Lappin d 4 June 1855 aged 29 yrs

LAPPIN, Walker d 11 Mar 1852 aged 29 yrs

SHAFFER, Charlotte R. 1829-1893

CHAMBERLIN, Ella d 24 Apr 1855 child of Pearce & Orilla (SWAN) CHAMBERLIN

CHAMBERLIN, Dennis d 7 Aug 1857 child of Pearce & Orilla (SWAN) CHAMBERLIN

TUXBERRY, Emma (CARTER) wife of James R CHAMBERLIN d 23 Oct 1851 at Alexander, VA

TUXBERRY, Daniel d 5 Aug 1851 aged 67 yrs

SWAN, Wm B., son of Alanson & Elvira, d 8 Mar 1847 aged 15 yrs 3 mos

SWAN, Elvira (DERTHICK) d 22 Feb 1866 aged 68 yrs [3rd or 4th wife of Alanson SWAN]

SWAN, ? fallen & broken stone d 1859 age 30 yrs

WALTERS, John d 31 Mar 1886 age 45 yrs
"He was a father to the fatherless; a husband to the widows. I would not live always to welcome
the tomb since Jesus has two I love, I stayed not its gloom."

CHAMBERLIN and families removed to Peninsula; two of CHAMBERLIN wives were
SWANS, daus of an earlier wife."


UPDATE: Randy Bergdorf, Archivist/Historian at the Peninsula Library and Historical Society,
submitted information to the Summit County chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society in 1996. Mr Bergdorf says it has always been his
understanding that the Everett and Chamberlin cemeteries were one and the same. He also
submitted a photocopy of a page marked "Book C, pg 351, Boston Twp Proceedings" which states:

"Boston Township Janr 27th 1898 - Permission was granted this day by the Board of Health to
Samuel MEIRS to have the remains of his Mother Jane MEIRS and his uncle Will DAVIS
removed from Everett Cemetary to Cedar Grove Cemetary at Peninsula. Signed John Blackburn?, H. B. Rithchie, Trustees"

"Boston Tp Janr 29th 1898 - At a meeting of the Board of Health John Blackburn, H. B. Ritchie. Permission was granted to R. W. CHAMBERLIN to have the remains of the CHAMBERLIN familiy now in Everett Cemetery removed to Cedar Grove Cemetary Peninsula."


Submitted by Marlene Diefendorf - Publications Chair

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