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Communist Cemetery AKA Jewish Alliance Cemetery
(Coventry Township)
Swartz Road
Akron, Ohio USA

Established: After 1934

Alternate Names: Jewish Alliance Cemetery, Jewish Peoples Fraternal Cemetery

Location:On south side of Swartz Road, east of junction with Glenmount Ave. (3rd cemetery in a row when heading east on Swartz Rd)

Status: Abandoned

History:This cemetery was established by the International Workers Order (IWO), a Communist affiliated off-shoot of the Workmen’s Circle fraternal organization. Established locally in 1934, the group’s membership may have reached a high of 80 members before its decline and eventual disappearance in the mid-1970’s. At that time, the remains buried here were removed and reburied in other local Jewish cemeteries.

Readings: Information published in Lest We Forget, 2007