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Grill Cemetery aka Bergner Cemetery
(Franklin Township)
6385 S Cleveland-Massillon Rd
Clinton, Ohio 44216 USA
(330) 673-2194
Location:  East side of South Cleveland-Massillon Road (old Route 21) south of Grill Road at Franks Road. Adjacent to St. Peter's United Church of Christ.
Status:  Owned and maintained by the Franklin Township Trustees, with burials still being made.
History:  This cemetery is adjacent to St. Peter United Church of Christ and bears the name of John Grill who owned the land on which the church now stands.  Records indicate this cemetery was never owned by the Church.  It was a family cemetery first, then a community cemetery, then was turned over to the township.
Listings: Published in Summit County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol 2 (1980)
Sources: City of New Franklin website "Cemeteries" (located here)