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Grable Burying Ground
(Green Township)
Ohio USA
Location: In Southgate Park, Green Twp. off Massillon Road (Rt 241), north of Mt Pleasant Road

Status: Closed

Established: ca 1830

History: Legend placed this cemetery on the farm of Jonathan Grable which was located "about two miles south of Greensburg". Grable, who died in 1856, was said to have been buried here along with about a dozen others. Until the early 1990's, many believed that all evidence of the cemetery had been lost. It was then that a distant relative of the Grable family, Marilyn Vander Veen, visited from Indiana and set out to locate the cemetery. She was successful, locating it behind a home off of Massillon Road; the home was then owned by a Canton businessman who used it as a guest house. Mrs. Vander Veen discovered in talking with the caretakers that two tombstones had been removed from the cemetery and placed in the basement of the house to protect them from vandals. When she was taken to see them, she found the two stones noted below. In recent years, these stones have been replaced in a small fenced-in graveyard behind the house thought to be close to the original burial place.
Copied: The following inscriptions were copied around 1991 by Marilyn Vander Veen; these two stones were being stored in the farmhouse basement at the time.
Jul 24, 1856
75y 9mos
Jan 8, 1853
27y; w/o A. Markham(ANSEL)NOTE: Elizabeth was widow of Moses Grable, son of Jonathan Grable
This cemetery has now been updated and the inscription readings were released in 2016 in the "Green Township Cemeteries" book, currently available for purchase.
The Summit County Chapter, OGS, is always looking for new information on our county's lost or forgotten cemeteries. If you have questions or information on this cemetery please contact the Cemetery Chairperson.
Courtesy of Carol Wells
Courtesy of Carol Wells